DNC-Max Service Manager

The DNC-Max Service Manager is located in the CIMCO V6 program group in the Windows Start menu.

To start the service manager from a command line, type DNCMaxServiceManager.exe

The service manager is used to install, remove, start and stop the DNC-Max service. The service manager dialog is shown below.

DNC-Max Service Manager v6 dialog.

You must be logged on to the computer as administrator to use the service manager.

You cannot start the service manager if the DNC-Max server is started as a regular program, so you must shutdown DNC-Max before starting the service manager.

If you have specified an administrator password in the DNC-Max server configuration, you will be prompted for the administrator password before the Service Manager is started.

The Service Manager dialog shows the current service status, the service event log, and allows you to install, remove, start, stop and setup the server, using the buttons in the upper right corner.

The top button is Start if the service is not running, and Stop if the service is running. The button just below says Install if the service is not installed, and Remove if the service is installed.

The Setup button is used to access the server setup dialogs. This will bring up the same dialogs as selecting Setup / Configure Server from the server console menu. The main difference is that you will have to restart the service (if it is running) to activate any changes.

When you launch the service manager for the first time, it will show the server status as Service not installed, the Start button is disable, and the install/remove button says Install, as shown below.

Initial service manager status.