Access Control in the Server

When the server is locked, the only allowed operations are Start Client, Show Help and About.

To lock the server, press the Lock button. The Lock button then changes to Unlock to indicate that the server is locked.

If you loose your administrator password, you will not be able to control the DNC server, and you must contact CIMCO support for information on how to reset the administrator password.

If you have enabled access control, you should also check the Lock console on startup option in the server configuration.

To unlock the server, press the Unlock button. Then select Administrator or User from the logon dialog shown below.

Logon dialog.

If access control is enabled for the selected user, you must specify the correct password in the password field. If access control is not enabled for the selected user, the password field is grayed, and you can just press OK to login.

When you are logged on as User it is possible to toggle the Log Show Time, Log Show Date and Log Shows Errors Only options in the setup menu, and start the administrator client. All other menus and buttons are disabled (grayed).

If you log in as administrator, all operations are allowed.

For further information about the server console menus, please refer to Server Menus.

Even if access control is not enabled, it is possible to lock the server. This prevents that anyone inadvertently stops the server, or change any configuration options. To unlock the server when no access control is enabled, you do not have to specify a password in the login dialog.