Send a File

This section describes how to send files manually. A manual send operation is a file transfer from the DNC server to the CNC, initiated manually from the Client program, as opposed to an automatic transfer initiated by the CNC operator using the remote request feature. Manual transmissions requires user access.

To send a file manually from a specific port, highlight the port in the port list by clicking on the left mouse button, and select Send/Receive / Send File from the Client menu, or press Send on the Send/Receive tab.

Then select a file to send from the file dialog. If you are controlling a remote server, the drives and files listed in the file dialog are those visible to the server. I.e. you cannot send files located on the administration computer, unless the administration computer has one or more shared drives, that are accessible from the server. The reason for this is, that a file must be visible from the server, for the server to be able to transmit it.

Not all protocols supports Send File.