Send a File with Advanced Options

This section describes how to send files manually, using the advanced send option.

To send a file manually from a specific port, highlight the port in the port list by clicking on the left mouse button, and select Send/Receive / Send File Advanced from the Client menu. This will bring up the send advanced dialog shown below.

Not all protocols support Send File Advanced.

Send file advanced dialog.

From the advanced dialog, select the file to send, by pressing the folder button, or select a previously transmitted file from the drop down box.

Then select the starting point in the file from the Send From drop down list:

If you wish to send some data before the start of the transmission, specify this in the Send before start of feed field. For further information on specifying start of feed data, please refer to Specify Feed Data and Non-Printable Characters.

In addition to this you can specify an initial feedrate and or spindle speed, if the protocol used by the selected port supports this, and if the server is licensed for feed/speed operations.

To send the selected file with the specified options, press OK. If you do not wish to send a file, press Cancel. To apply default settings, press Default.

If you re-send a file using the recent menu, any option specified in the advanced dialog, will be used for the re-send operation.