Transfer Status

To see detailed information about the current transfer for a specific port, click on the port in the port list and select the Transfer status tab. The transfer status tab is shown below.

Transfer status tab.

On the left side of the tab are a number of lights, indicating the current status of the serial port.

The right hand side of the transfer status tabs contains information about the current transfer.


File name

When the DNC is transferring a regular file to the CNC, this field contains the name of the file being transferred with full path.

During an auto receive operation, this field contains the file name of the received program, if auto receive is enabled, and a valid program name is found in the incoming data. In some cases, depending on the port configuration, partial or full path information is included. During manual receive, the filename with full path is shown.

If the DNC is transferring a directory list, receive report etc. this is indicated with a short description of the type of data being transferred.

Ex.: If the server is receiving a directory list request, this field will display List request.


Current Line

Current line number. This number does not include lines sent before the start of the file, i.e. feed data specified in the port configuration.


Bytes Sent

The number of bytes transmitted.


Lines Received

The number of lines received.


Bytes Received

The number of bytes received.



The overall transfer rate in Characters Per Second (CPS), and Lines Per Second (LPS).


Program name

Program name found during an auto receive or remote request operation.


Elapsed Time

Elapsed time since start of transfer.


Time Remaining

An estimate of the remaining time during a transmit operation.



Number of errors registered for this transfer.



Current port status (Idle / Send manual / ...).

When the DNC is transferring a file to the CNC, a progress bar is shown in the bottom of the tab, indicating the progress of the current transfer.