DNC-Max Web Client

The DNC-Max Web Client allows users to control CNC machines using a Web browser, a Tablet or a Smart phone.

The responsive design makes the interface usable on devices ranging from phones to desktop computers.


Following is a list of the features in the DNC-Max Web Client:

Enabling the DNC-Max Web Client

Please follow the steps below to enable the Web Client.

1. Start the DNC-Max Server, click on Setup, then select Configure Server.

Opening the DNC-Max Server configuration.

2. Select Web Clients, check the field Enable DNC-Max Web client, and choose a Port number for the web interface (see the picture below).

Enabling the DNC-Max web client.

You can also set a user name and password if you wish.

3. After enabling the web client you must restart the DNC-Max Server.

Accessing the DNC-Max Web Client

Open your browser and enter http://IP:PORT/ where IP is the IP-address of the PC where the DNC-Max Server is installed, and PORT is the port you specified when enabling the Web Client.

You can also type http://localhost:portnumber/ to access the web client from the PC where DNC-Max Server is installed.

DNC-Max Web Client Interface.