MDC-Max Web Client

The MDC-Max Web Client allows users to access Operator Screens via a Web browser, Tablet, or a Smart phone. The Web Client does not feature all the functionalities in the desktop version of the MDC-Max Client. Currently it only makes it possible for machine operators to use Operator Screens as known from the desktop version.


Enabling the MDC-Max Web Client

1. Start NC-Base Server, and then open MDC-Max Client.

2. In the MDC-Max Client window select Setup, System Setup.

Opening MDC-Max Setup Dialog.

3. Add an Operator Screen if no screens are defined.

Adding Operator Screen.

4. Start DNC-Max Server, and click Setup, Configure Server to open the Server configuration window.

5. Select the menu NC-Base and tick Enable CIMCO NC-Base link.

Enabling NC-Base Link.

6. Next click on MDC-Max and check the field Enable MDC-Max link.

Enabling MDC-Max Link.

7. Enable the MDC-Max Web Client by selecting Web Client from the left tree menu of the Server configuration dialog and checking the box Enable MDC-Max Web client. Then Select a Port number for the web interface.

Activating the MDC-Max Web Client.

Here you can also set a user name and password for the web client.

The MDC-Max and DNC-Max Web clients must have different port numbers.

8. Now restart the DNC-Max Server to activate the web client.

Accessing the MDC-Max Web Client

Open your browser and enter http://IP:PORT/ where IP is the IP-address of the DNC-Max Server PC and PORT is the port you specified when enabling the Web Client. You can also type http://localhost:portnumber/ to access the web client from the PC where DNC-Max Server is installed.

MDC-Max Web Client Interface.

Configuring Operator Screens

The Web Client reads the configuration created by the desktop MDC-Max Client. This means you configure the operator screens in the same way as the desktop Client. (See section "Setting up Operator Screens for Downtime Reasons" in the MDC-Max Configuration Manual).