DNC-Max Server

CIMCO DNC-Max V8 consists of two programs, the DNC-Max Server (shown below) and the DNC-Max Client. The server program handles communication with the CNC's, and must be running at all times. It is recommended that you start the server application from the Startup folder, or you use the option to install the DNC-Max Server as a Windows® service.

If you start the server minimized, you can bring up the server console from the tray icon (see Tray Icon).

DNC-Max Server console.

The top of the server window shows the license name and the server name (as defined in Server configuration).

Just below is the server log window. The server log window contains information about server activities. You can select what info is displayed in the log by checking/un-checking the Log Show items in the Setup menu.

Below the log window are located the buttons that allow the following interactions with the server:


Stop Server

Stops the DNC-Max Server and closes the application.


Restart Server

Stops and restarts the server. Use this option to restart the DNC-Max Server when a problem is detected.



The log will scroll so new entries are shown at the bottom of the list. Click this button if you want to see the latest log entries.


Lock / Unlock

Click this button to lock the server. Any user currently logged in will be automatically logged off, and most of the operations in the server will be disabled (grayed).

For further information, please refer to Access Control in the Server.



Click this button to launch the DNC-Max Client.

The application status bar at the bottom of the window shows information about: