Request directories

Use this dialog to configure which directories should be searched for this remote request set.

Request Directories dialog

When looking for a requested program, the server will start by scanning the directory specified in the first entry in the list. If the first entry is marked as recursive, it will then scan all sub directories of the first entry, before it moves on to the next entry in the list.

If you have specified any Additional extensions in the File types setup sheet, the server will look for the program with any of the additional extensions, before it moves on to the next entry in the list.

To scan a directory and all it's sub-directories, check the recursive field to the left on the entry ([PIC:checkmark]).

Add a new directory to the list.

Remove a directory from the list.

Change directory for the selected entry.

[Up arrow]
Move selected entry up.

[Down arrow]
Move selected entry down.


Use relative paths

Check this field to save the directory information, as paths relative to the current environment. Specifying relative paths makes it much easier when moving files to another path/disk.


Real path

This field shows the actual path of the selected variable, with all known environment variables expanded with their current value.