General options

Use this dialog to configure general port settings.

Use the following dialog to configure basic port settings.

Use the following dialog to configure basic serial port settings. The serial port settings must match those selected on the CNC. Please refer to the CNC manual for further information.

General Options dialog


COM Port

Select the COM port from this list. In some cases, not all the port installed on the server are shown. This happens if the port is not installed correctly, or if the port could not be detected. Please refer to the on-line help for further information.


Baud rate

Select baud rate from this list Transmission speed, in bits per second. The speed must match that of the CNC.


Enable hardware handshake (RTS/CTS)

Check this field to enable hardware handshaking.


Control model is 8055T

Check this field if the control model is 8055T


Stop bits

Select number of stop bits from this list


Data bits

Select the number of data bits from this list



Select parity mode



Disable file receive

Check this field to disable transmission of files from the CNC to the DNC server. This will prevent the operator from accidentally overwriting files on the server.


Allow directory changing

Check this field to allow the DNC operator to change directory, and transfer files from directories other than $DATA.


Allow file delete

Check this field to allow CNC operators to delete files on the server.

File delete is not supported on all models.