Port Configuration

NOTE: This document is only partially complete.

This sections describes how to configure DNC-Max ports. A port is what connects DNC-Max to your CNC's. You will need one port for each CNC. For information on how to add new ports, please refer to Add a New Port.

To configure a specific port, select the port from the port list by clicking on the port name. Then select Port/Configure Port from the [LINK:dncadm_menus:administrator menu].

The port configuration window consists of two parts: The configuration tree on the left, and the configuration view on the right.

To change a port setting, select the type of setting from the configuration tree, i.e. select Transmit to change transmit related settings. When clicking on the configuration tree, the contents of the configuration view will change.

The contents of the configuration tree depends on the protocol used by the selected port.

You cannot change the protocol used by a specific port. If you wish to change protocol, you must first delete the port, and then add a new port with the correct template.