Use the following dialog to configure the translation filter.

The translation filter is useful if you do not wish to save control characters sent by the CNC.

Translation dialog

Receive filter


On incoming character

Select the character you want to filter from this list.


Keep character

When this field is checked, no translation or filtering is performed for the selected character.


Remove character

Check this field to remove the selected character from the incoming data stream.

The characters selected as newline are not removed when transmitting.


Replace with

Select this button to replace a character in the incoming data stream with another character. The replacement character is selected from the drop down list to the right.


Remove all below ASCII 32

Check this field to remove all characters below ASCII 32. Characters below ASCII 32 have no visual representation (i.e. you will not find them on your keyboard).

Carriage Return (CR), Line Feed (LF) and software handshake characters (normally DC1 and DC3) are still transmitted/received.


Remove all above ASCII 127

Check this field to remove all characters above ASCII 127. This field has no effect if you are using serial communication with fewer than 8 data bits. Characters above ASCII 127 are used for special characters, not normally found in NC programs.


Current Translations

This list shows all the current filters for the incoming data stream.

Transmit filter

The Transmit filter configuration is identical to the Receive filter described above.