Serial port not detected

Problem: Serial port(s) missing from list of ports in protocol configuration.

In some cases DNC-Max might not detect all serial ports present on the server. If this is the case, you cannot select the serial port in the port configuration. To solve this problem, you must manually specify which serial ports are available to DNC-Max.

1. Stop the server

2. Open Data\ports.txt

Go to the DNC-Max program directory (where DNCMax.exe is located). In the sub-directory Data, select the file ports.txt (if the file does not exists, create a new empty file).

Open ports.txt in a text editor by double clicking on the file in the Windows® Explorer.

3. Add all you ports to ports.txt

The file ports.txt contains a comma separated list of all available serial ports. Change the file so it contains all your ports.

Example: COM1,COM2,COM7,COM8

4. Save ports.txt

5. Change file attribute of ports.txt to Read-only

The DNC server overwrites Data\ports.txt every time it is started. To prevent this, you must change the file attribute to Read-only.

Right click on ports.txt in the Windows® Explorer, and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

In the Attributes section, check the field Read-only.

6. Start DNC-Max Server

All you ports should now be available in the port configuration.

DNC-Max will no longer auto detect new serial ports. So if you add/remove any serial ports, you must update ports.txt manually.