DNC/CNC reports transmission errors

Problem: When trying to send data between the DNC server and the CNC, the server or CNC sometimes reports errors.

This is most likely caused by noise on the transmission line.

1. Check your cable

Check that the cable is properly shielded, and try to shorten or re-route the cable if possible. Keep the cables as far away from noisy machines as possible.

2. Select lower baud rate

Try to lower the baud rate. The transmission is less sensible to signal noise a lower baud rates.

Try running the loopback test. This might give you some indication of the maximum baud rate for you cable configuration.

For further information, please refer to How to perform a loopback test.

3. Replace cable

Try replacing the cable.

4. Serial booster

Try using a serial booster. A serial booster is a piece of hardware that amplifies the signal on the serial line.

This is useful if you have very long cables.

5. Optical or LAN transmissions cables

If your need very long transmission cables, it is sometimes necessary to replace the regular serial cables with either Optical or LAN based serial ports.

For further information, you should contact your Software dealer.