To install CIMCO Edit v6, follow the instructions below.

1. Locate installation files

If you receive CIMCO Edit v6 on a CD-ROM, open the CIMCO Edit v6 directory on the CD. If you receive CIMCO Edit v6 via e-mail, save the file in a temporary directory.

2. Run installation program

Start the installation program by clicking on CIMCO Edit v6 setup program:

CIMCO Edit v6 setup program.

3. Copying your keyfile

If you do not have a keyfile but wish to install an evaluation version, just proceed to the next step.

If you have received a keyfile from CIMCO, it should be installed by double-clicking on the file "(name)-license.key" after the installation is completed. This opens the CIMCO License Key Manager. Click on the button Install Keyfile to install the keyfile.

4. Starting the editor

When the installation is completed and you have copied your keyfile, you are ready to start the editor for the first time. Click on the program icon on your desktop.

CIMCO Edit v6.

After starting the editor, please verify that your company name is shown in the Licensed to field in the About box. If not, the keyfile was not installed correctly. Please repeat the point no. 3 in order to install the keyfile correctly.

If you are running an evaluation version, the license name is Demo version.