In this section, the Backplot function Solid and the simulation of the Solid Model are described.

The Solid Model is only available for Milling operations.

The Solid menu.


Solid Model

Shows / Hides the solid model.

Click on this icon to toggle between the toolpath view and the Solid visualization with toolpath.


Zoom / Regenerate solid

Creates a solid from the current view.

Click this icon to generate a solid model of the workpiece with toolpath.


Solid Setup

Click on this icon to configure the Solid Model. The specified stock dimensions are the minimum and maximum X, Y, Z values in your NC program. If you want to increase or decrease the stock dimensions to get a much more even toolpath, then click one or several times the corresponding button (+5% or -5%) to obtain the desired dimensions. Use the button Round to round off stock dimensions.

Solid Setup dialog.