This section describes the commands in the function File. The menu contains the functions described below for file editing. You can access the file configuration using the icon .

For details about the File settings, click on the corresponding icon or see Editor Setup.

The File functions described below can also be reached through the icon .

The File menu.


New / Ctrl+N

An empty window opens, ready for input.

Configure the machine type for the program by clicking the setup icon .


Open / Ctrl+O

The open file dialog window lets you open an existing program.


A list of recently used files. Click the down arrow next to the Open icon to open recently used files.


Close / Ctrl+F4

Closes the current window. You will be prompted to save changes if the file has been modified.


Close All

Closes all open windows. You will be prompted to save changes for all modified files.


Save / Ctrl+S

Saves the current CNC program.


Save All

Saves all open CNC programs under their current names.


Save As

Saves the current CNC program under a new name.


Print / Ctrl+P

Prints the current CNC program. If you want to print a part of a program, mark the area of interest and choose Print.


Printer Setup

The dialog window for printout configuration is opened.


Global setup

Lets you configure the general program settings of CIMCO Edit, also accessible through the icon . Please refer to section Editor Setup for more details.