This section describes the Backplot functions in the Editor Ribbon.

The optional 3D/2D backplot in CIMCO Edit v6 is used for the simulation of CNC programs. The Backplot configuration is accessible through the icons or .

The graphical backplotter shows the toolpath for milling and turning operations in the ZX plane (G18). The CN program is displayed in the left pane of the backplot window, while the plot is shown in the right pane. You can stop and restart the simulation, control the speed and direction of the tool movement, etc.

During the dynamic simulation, a gray bar shows in the CN program, which NC block is being processed. You can use Full Screen to make the graphical simulation cover the whole screen without showing the program. You can also skip through the NC codes with the options Jump to next tool, Jump to next cutting pass and Jump to next move.

Dynamic zoom, pan, rotate and measuring functions can be used to analyze the plot.

You need a backplot enabled licence key to use this function.