You can access the configuration of the selected machine through the icon . Read more about setting parameters for DNC communication under Paramètres DNC.

The Machine menu.


Type de machine

Sélectionnez sur la liste, une machine pour la transmission de données. Cliquez sur la flèche pour voir les machines que vous pouvez sélectionner.

Le type de machine détermine le port COM et les paramètres DNC.



Click this option to open the status window of current transmissions and/or receptions.

If the five icons in the Transmission toolbar on the left side of the ribbon are grayed out, and seems that a CNC program transfer can or will be in progress, then you can click on the icon to display the transmission (sending or receiving) state window:

'Transmit status' window.

The top left of the status window shows the signals of the serial data transmission according to EIA RS-232-C, which light up when activated. The top left part shows information of the current transmission (Machine, Filename, Bytes send, etc.). Below the transfer status information there is a progress bar, three buttons to Start/Stop and Cancel the transmision and Show/Hide the terminal box, which shows the NC program being transmited in plain text. Options to Scroll the text in the terminal box and to Show CR/LF (Carriage Return / Line Feed characters) are also available at the bottom of the window.

If you click the Stop button when a transmission is in progress, you will get the following dialog:

'Stop transfer' dialog.

Here you have the option to cancel the transfer (answering Yes) or continue (answering No).

When receiving a file from the machine, the transmission status window will look like this:

'Receive status' window.

When the CNC program (with M30) was completly received, is shown the following message:

Report 'Transfer completed'.

Click OK to confirm the receipt of this message.