MDC-Max is a software product that enables companies to monitor their machine tools in real time. It does this by generating messages each time an event occurs (such as the machine starting or stopping) and stores these messages in its database. The MDC-Max client is then used to generate real time status screens and historical reports of machine activity from this database.

In order for MDC-Max to function you must have already installed DNC-Max (version 5 or higher) and configured it to communicate with your machine tools. This manual assumes you have already done this. Many of our dealers have installed MDC systems on manual machines that do not require DNC at all. The process is the same - you must first install DNC-Max and create a working RS-232 link to the machine. The DNC-Max Server is the central data collection source for all MDC messages so you cannot run MDC-Max without it.

Machine status (running / stopped / alarm) is collected via an MDC box that converts 24V and 110V signals into RS-232 status line signals. These are then transmitted via the RS-232 interface to DNC-Max. A barcode reader can also be fitted to the MDC box to send additional text strings to DNC-Max (machine in setting mode for example). Some machine tools can print text out of the serial port while the program is running (e.g. DPRNT on Fanuc, Mazak and other controls) and these are collected by DNC-Max in the same way.

Whenever a string of text or line change is detected by the DNC-Max Server Software it converts these to an MDC-Max message. For example the CTS high signal could be converted to a CYCLESTART message to indicate that the machine is in cycle (running). When the CTS line goes low this could be converted to a CYCLESTOP message.

The first job when installing MDC-Max is to consider what status changes you want to collect from the machine and then what message you want them converted into. Most installations will include CYCLESTART, CYCLESTOP, and PARTCOMPLETE as a minimum.

The Examples in the following pages use three hardware signals:

We also use three signals generated by Barcode or Text Entry: