Adding Cycle Times

Total Cycle Time

Click on Add, click on the search icon at the end of the Value field, to display the list of possible values. Double click TIMER[CYCLE] and click OK.

Type in the Title you want to appear on the live screen and set the format to HMS (hours minutes seconds) and alignment to Left.

Click OK to close the screen.

You have now added a live screen that displays the machine name and the total cycle time so far today. To display this live screen click Status on the MDC-Max client menu, then Live Screen - you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Current Cycle Time

Click Setup, System Setup, Real-time values, click the Add button and use the search icon in the value box to add TIMERLAST[CYCLE] and click OK.

Set the title to "This Cycle" and set the format to HMS.

Stopped Time

Next add the STOPPED timer with title "Stopped Today" in the same way.

OK these settings and view the live screen - it should look like:

You will soon find that there is too much information to display on one bar on the screen so you can reconfigure the Running Today and Stopped timers to be displayed below the other data in smaller text (referred to as the bottom bar). Change the Stopped Today and Running Today values as follows:

The real time display should now look like this: