MDC Box Signal 3 (Alarms, Doors Open etc.)

The CTS Monitor can be used to collect a third machine signal as required but only if the machine does not require hardware handshaking for the communications (Flow Control must be set to Software in the Serial Port section of DNC-Max port configuration). Most machine controls (Fanuc, Haas, Heidenhain) do not require this so can generate a third signal.

Select CTS Monitor on the left menu and tick Enable CTS signal messages. Setup the Input type in the same way as previously and set the message to the one required (such as ALARM).

Make sure that you run a 3 wire cable from the MDC box to the machine and link out RTS/CTS (usually pins 4 & 5) on the machine end of the cable (along with any others needed for the control such as 6, 8, 20).