Adding a Button for Setting Downtime

Go to the buttons menu on the left and click the Add button to the right.

Enter the description as Setting (this text will appear on the button itself) and then click on the Push Button message drop down box. These are a list of the messages that exist in DNC-Max that we created in Configuring Messages in DNC-Max (without the MSG[...]). When we press this button we want it to send the SETTING message that will start the Setting timer so we choose the SETTING message from the drop down box. If you click OK at this point you will get an operator screen with a single button that says "Setting" on it and sends the SETTING message to MDC-Max when pushed.

Ticking the 'Show Indicator' box will light up the button pressed so the operator gets a confirmation of the Setting downtime reason.

Tick the box and set the indicator colour the same as you did for your Setting state on the live screen (if you put setting on your live screen).

Under Value you enter a timer value for Setting that indicates when the button should light up (as opposed to immediately you press it). In this case we want the button to light up when we are in setting mode (remember that another operator on another screen could have pressed setting for our machine). We are in setting when the setting timer is running so the value we enter is TIMERRUNS[SETTING].

The Improve Visual Feedback' menu has a series of options. Because there is always a short delay between the button being pressed and the setting timer running and the system visually responding to it there are several options to enhance the display. 'NO' just leaves the delay as it is, 'Turn on indicator light' turns the light on immediately which prevents the operator clicking several times on the same button.