Stopped Timer

Next we setup a Stopped timer to keep a record of the total downtime for each machine.

Click Setup / System Setup in MDC-Max menus toolbar and highlight the Timers section on the left side tree menu.

We are going to add a new timer as follows:

In the Timer configuration dialog click the Add button on the right.

Opening new timer dialog.

This opens the New Timer window. Enter STOPPED for the New Timer Name.

Adding a new timer.

You can select an individual machine or group but for now we leave this set to All. MDC-Max will then create a STOPPED timer for every machine automatically which is what we want as the stopped times on each machine will be different.

Click OK and you will see the new timer added to the list.

STOPPED timer configuration.

Click into Description and set this to Timer STOPPED. The start and stop conditions are the reverse of the CYCLE timer. The timer starts when the machine is stopped and the timer ends when the machine starts. Set the corresponding fields to the values shown in the picture above.

If you are not planning to use barcodes or a PC to enter downtime reason codes you can skip the next section and go straight to the Schedule Setup.