Configuring the Status Area

First decide what real-time data you want to display in the Status Area on the tablet and create a "Livescreen" in CIMCO MDC-Max containing just that data. The order of the data is important so make sure this is correct and name the Livescreen something appropriate e.g. "Tablet Livescreen".

Make a note of the Livescreen position in the CIMCO MDC-Max client list. Position 1 is Livescreen 1, position 2 is Livescreen 2 and so on.

The Status Area can contain up to 10 status items of data so make sure your "Tablet Livescreen" in CIMCO MDC-Max has no more than 10 items.

Status items will be positioned in the following manner in the Status Area on the tablet:

Item 1 is displayed at Row1, Column1Item 2 is displayed at Row1, Column2
Item 3 is displayed at Row2, Column1Item 4 is displayed at Row2, Column2
And so on...