Installing the CIMCO MDC App on the tablet

Turn on the tablet and insert the USB memory stick with the MDC.APK file. From the front screen or app screen tap Root Explorer. This displays a list of folders. Scroll down the list and Tap UDISK (the USB memory stick).

Scroll down to MDC.APK and tap it – you will then be asked if you want to install the app and tap "Install". Wait until the install finishes and tap "Done" and you will be returned to the UDISK folder.

Scroll to the correct machine folder with the MDC.DAT file. Tap and hold the MDC.DAT file for 3 seconds and a menu will appear on screen, tap the "COPY" option (you will now see a "Paste" option at the bottom of the screen).

Press the round back button twice to get back to the root level (one above UDISK). Scroll down the folders to SDCARD (internal tablet memory).Tap SDCARD to change to that folder.

Tap the menu area (a series of lines to the top right of the screen) to see a menu, tap "NEW FOLDER" and enter the name "MDC" to create the folder and tap "OK".

Tap the folder name "MDC" to change to that folder and then tap the "PASTE" option at the bottom of the screen to copy the MDC.DAT file into that folder.

Press the Round back button three times to quit the Root Explorer.

Setting up the wireless adapter on the tablet

Make sure you have the SSID and WPA key for your wireless network and that the network supports DHCP (the tablet does not work with static IP addresses).

Tap "Apps", "Settings", "Wireless & Networks", "WiFi Settings". You will see a list of wireless networks, pick the correct one (from the SSID) and Tap it. You will then be prompted for WPA key which you enter and then Tap "Connect". At the top of the screen under WiFi you will see:

If you do not get the final message saying connected then you might not have a DHCP server (or the server may not be authorised to give you an IP address).

Finding the tablets wireless MAC address (for IP reservation)

You may want to use an IP reservation for each tablet so your IT department can block Internet access to the tablets by IP range. To do this you will need the MAC address of the wireless adapter. Tap "Settings" from the main App screen then scroll to the bottom of the screen and

Tap "About Device". Tap "Status" and you can see the WiFi MAC address. It is a good idea to put these into a spreadsheet with the machine name, Moxa IP address, MAC address and so on.

Running the CIMCO MDC App

Make sure you have configured the wireless adapter and connected to the wireless network first then tap the CIMCO MDC App from the home screen on the tablet. You will see the MDC screen appear with the reason buttons and a few seconds later the live status will appear and be updated every second.