Testing the Machine Outputs

Once you have found the machine outputs and wired them into the MDC box connector you can check them in two ways, by checking the LEDs on the box and by checking that the messages are being received by DNC-Max.

On the green connector end of the MDC Box there are 4 LED's.

These LED's will light each time a signal is active.

For example the In-Cycle Signal (normally signal 1) should be on all the time the machine is in cycle and the Part Complete Signal (signal 2) should flash once when a part is completed.

As long as you have configured the messages for each machine in the DNC-Max Server (see Configuring Messages in DNC-Max) and configured the message in the machine Port configuration (Configuring the Hardware Monitoring Signals in DNC-Max) you should see the relevant message appear in the machine port log.

Open the DNC-Max Client, select the machine and click the Log tab and run the machine. You should see a CYCLESTART message every time the machine starts and a CYCLESTOP message each time the machine stops. You should also see a PARTCOMPLETE message when the job completes (assuming you setup that message).

If you can see the LEDs light on the MDC box but cannot see the messages in the machine log you need to investigate further. Click the Debug tab in the DNC-Max Client and click Start Log to start a debug log then run the machine.

Each time the machine starts and stops you should see a change in the DSR status in the debug log. If you do not and you have a Moxa unit installed in the machine then you have a hardware fault (MDC box or Moxa hub). If you are using a multi-way hub wired to several machines (NPort 5610 etc.) it may well be a cable problem.

If you can see the DSR status change in the debug log and you are not seeing the CYCLESTART and CYCLESTOP messages in the Port log then your configuration is incorrect. See Configuring the Hardware Monitoring Signals in DNC-Max and check the minimum cycle time - you may need to increase this. Each DSR status change is timestamped in the debug log so you can work out the time taken to change states.

If the machine is running a program continuously (e.g. bar fed lathe) you will not see a CYCLESTOP message until you physically stop the machine. You should see a single CYCLESTART followed by a PARTCOMPLETE each time the program repeats itself.