Choosing The Popup Information For The Timeline

Click on the Columns menu on the left to determine what is displayed in the Popup window for each period of the timeline.

We are going to display the job the machine is working on, how long the machine has been in cycle on that job and how many parts have been produced for that job so far (see below for new timer required). We will also display the total cycle today and the amount of time the machine has been stopped for setting, inspection etc.

Add each item in turn using the Add button and the drop down menu as with a normal graph. The format must always be correct for the value you are adding. For example the job name will be TEXT, the parts count will be an integer (a real number) and any times will be HMS.

In order to display the amount of time spent on a particular job (provided we have a means of logging the start of each job), we will need to create a new timer called TIMERJOB which clears itself at the start of each new job. Here is setup for the timer:

Notice the only difference to the Cycle timer we setup in the earlier sections of the manual is the Clear Condition - MSG[JOBSTART].