Choosing The Timeline State And Colour

Click on the Log/Timeline settings

The machine can only be in one state at a time (i.e. it is running, stopped for inspection, stopped for maintenance or just stopped for no reason). It is these states that will be displayed as colours on the timeline in exactly the same way as we displayed them on the live screen in section 6.3. Use the same colour for each state on the timeline as you used on the live screen for consistency.

Each machine state will be indicated by a TIMERRUNS(timername) variable. For example TIMERRUNS[CYCLE] is always turned on whenever the timer CYCLE is running and this will be our first state.

Add each of the states you want to display on the timeline by clicking the add button near the Event/Timeline trigger. Use the search icon to select TIMERRUNS[CYCLE]. This would give us the actual run time in hours minutes and seconds since the timer was reset. Then type in a title for the trigger and select a colour for that state. Repeat for each machine state as above.