Creating One Graph Per Machine

To separate the graph into smaller time intervals it is normally necessary to produce one graph per machine.

To do this go to the main Graphs/Graphs menu, select the graph we have just created and click the COPY button.

Edit the Description and Title to indicate this will be an hourly graph

Go to the Period menu and edit the interval length to '1 Hour' and check the Interval Title is set to $INTERVALSTARTTIMEHM - $INTERVALENDTIMEHM as before. The resulting graph will now look unreadable as per the graph below.

Now go to the machines menu and change the 'Number of machines/groups per table/graph to 1:

The system will then produce a single graph for each machine similar to the one below.

To make it more obvious which machine the graph is for, go to the General menu, and edit $REPORTMACHINE into the title.

This will put the machine name onto the graph header for each machine as follows: