Running a Live Screen Automatically

Most customers will one or more PCs to run a live screen automatically when the MDC-Max client starts (and you can add the client to the Star-tup group so the client starts when the user logs in).

To do this Open the MDC-Max client, click Setup, System Setup and click Client Settings top Left.

Tick either "Show real-time screens when program starts" or the full screen option to the right to run full screen. Tick the live screen that you want displayed on start-up and then OK. Now each time you start that client the ticked live screen will show. If you select more than one live screen they will rotate from one screen to the next according to the time interval set under "Slideshow time".

Each MDC-Max client can display a different screen on start-up. So if you have 5 MDC-Max clients they can all display a different screen.

Most customers will require a general screen that shows the runtime today for each machine and its current state. The production office will want to know what job is running on each machine and how many parts have been produced. Each machine cell may well want a screen specific to their group of machines - all of these are possible.

So far we have only created a single live screen but you can create multiple screens and display each one on a separate PC. This is done in the same way we created the first live screen.