Selecting which Events to Include in an Event Log

Click on the Columns menu on the left to determine what values are displayed:

Each Log can display multiple columns of data per machine but in this example we initially only want to see how long the machine has been running, and how long it has been stopped for a scanned reason and how many parts it has produced

The Format determines how the data is to be displayed (the drop down menu icon gives a series of valid formats) in this case we use HMS to display the time as Hours, Minutes and seconds for the two timers. And the value TIMERCNT[CYCLE] to give a part count (format I for integer)

Click on the events menu to set up which events will be displayed on the Log chart:

Click on Add and choose the first event you wish to log. In this example we wish to record the actual time that each Cycle start occurs. Use the search icon to edit the Event trigger value and then scroll to find the event (MSG[CYCLESTART] in this case). Type in the title you wish to occur on the log, then determine the colour you wish to use on the log for that event.

Repeat this procedure for all the other events you wish to appear on the log.