Setting Up a Machine Activity Log

For our first Log we will create a simple machine activity Log. On the main MDC-Max screen click Setup, System Setup then click on the 'Tables/Graphs' link on the left.

Click the Add button to see the screen below and type a description in the Description field - this is the name of the chart. Type a title in the Title field - this is what is displayed on the actual Log in this case the $REPORTMACHINE will put the machine name and $REPORTSTARTDATE will display the date on the top of the log.

The type must be set to Log - this produces a Log chart rather than a normal table or graph. The tick box for 'Ignore Schedule' means that the shift pattern is ignored on the log chart. The 'Use 1 second resolution' box should normally be left un-ticked for most logs as it dramatically slows the generation of log charts. The 'Order' will determine how the data is displayed on the log. In this case we will be producing one page per machine so the Machine must be the first item in this list.

Click on the Layout menu on the left of the screen and the layout page will appear:

The layout determines how the data will be laid out on log chart. For a Log chart this page does not normally need editing.