Adding Machine Information to the Event Log

Finally click the Machines menu on the left to edit machine info. This page determines how the data is displayed by machine and what machines to include.

Ticking the "Include machine information" field and setting the "Number of machines/groups per graph/graph" to 1 will cause the log to display one page per machine. Ticking "Remove inactive machines/groups" stops the log creating empty log pages for inactive machines.

Here is the Log generated by the settings in our screen shots:

This produces a great deal of information about the running of the machine, additional columns can be added, for example the time of the last cycle and the Job Name can be added.

Click on the Columns menu and then add the variable 'TIMERLAST[CYCLE]'. This will display the time of the last cycle, its format is HMS and the title is Last Cycle. Once added, use the arrows to set the order of the values on the log.

Various other events can be added to the system to log error codes etc to build a complete log of the machines activity.