Adding Data Entry Boxes

Operator screens can be used to enter text information into MDC-Max (such as job number or operator name).

Operator Name Entry Box

Edit the operator screen, click Input Values on the left and click the Add button on the right.

Set the Description to Operator and set the Message to OPERATORLOGIN The description will appear above the data entry box on the operator screen. The auto submit field will press enter for you if you do not (useful where you only have a number keypad for data entry). The clear field will clear the contents of the box if you do not press enter. The Validation trigger and other fields are for advanced use so leave them blank for now.

The 'Show the enter button' check box puts a mouse clickable enter button beside the input box. 'Clear when input completed' and 'Submit on Enter' are self explanatory.

The result should look like this:

Job Name Entry Box

Edit the operator screen, click Input Values, click the Operator value and click Copy. Enter the following information for Job Name:

Your new Operator Screen should look like this: