Printing Your Own Barcodes

Installing Barcode Fonts on a Windows PC

You will need access to a PC with Microsoft Word and a printer to print barcodes for MDC-Max. This can be your own laptop or one of the customer's PCs (The customer will probably want to re-print the barcode sheets so let them have the install).

Run INSTALL.EXE file from the Barcode Font Install folder on the MDC-Max dealer CD (you can also download it from This installs a font into Windows that can be used in Microsoft Word (and other Windows applications) to create Code 39 Barcodes (also known in the US as "USD-3" and "3 of 9").

If the customer wants to scan their own paperwork it does not matter that their barcode is a different type as the barcode readers will read many different barcodes and still send the correct characters back to MDC-Max. As long as you can read their barcodes correctly you can still print your own MDC-Max barcodes in Code 39.

Code 39 includes the digits 0-9, the letters A-Z (upper case only), and seven special characters (-.*$/+% and space). Each Code 39 barcode MUST begin and end with an asterisk (*) in addition to the characters required - e.g. *MAX8021*