Schedule Setup

Before you can produce any reports or graphs you must setup a shift schedule - this tells MDC-Max when each shift starts and ends. You can have a different shift setup for every day of the week or several days with the same shifts. You can also have non production days (e.g. Sunday).

Click Setup / System Setup and click Schedule Setup on the left.

Start with Monday and enter the start and end of each shift in the day (if you want to report based on shift) or just enter the total working hours.

Enter any breaks that you don't want to be included in the OEE calculations into Break1 Start/ End.

If the company allows 15 minutes of non production time at the start of the shift (for machine warm-up) enter the actual end time of that period in Lead. If the company allows clean down time then enter the actual start time of this period into Trail:

If you don't enter any more data Tuesday to Friday will inherit the same shift pattern and Saturday / Sunday will be non production days. Click the drop down box for selected day to fill in different shift patterns for other days.

It is important to point out that if your last shift ends at 6 am the next morning this is counted as the day end and any reports and the live screens will run from the start of Shift 1 until the end of the last shift.

Shifts cannot overlap but the start of shift 2 can be the same as the end of shift 1.