Adding Jobname Info to Cycle Times Tables

Copy the existing Daily Report - Cycle Times Table and call it Daily Report - Cycle Times by Job. Change the Table type to Compact Table - this enables us to display more information in a single table.

Before we add the job information click Machines on the left and set the number of machines per table back to 0 and generate the table. See how it looks now:

Notice now that the machine appears in the table contents itself (machine 1 followed by machine two down the table) and the other columns are the same as before. This format is useful if you want to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Now we need to add the job information to the table, edit the table and click Job on the left and then tick include job information. Generate the table and it will look like below:

The machine is listed first then the time (1 hour intervals) then the job. So we get one entry for each 1 hour interval per job. We would rather see 1 entry per machine per job per day.

Edit the table and click Period on the left. Change the Interval Length to 1 day and tick the No time interval header on table (we don't need a separate column for the time interval at the moment as the table will only be for one day). Generate the table and it will look like below:

Now we have machine followed by job and the Min, Max etc. but notice that there is one entry per job for each machine regardless of whether that job ran on the machine. To fix this we must change the order of the columns in the table. Edit the table click General on the left and modify the order as follows:

Click Period on the left and tick Remove Empty intervals and No time interval on table. Click OK and generate the table and you will get: