CIMCO Software Activation

To ensure that the License File is not copied and used elsewhere, the License File can be locked to a specific computer using an activation process. Once the system is activated, the License File cannot be used on another system unless the activation is reset.

The software activation process is not needed for temporary license files.

Online Activation

After selecting the license file that the License Server will host, if the license file requires activation, the program will display the following message:

Software activation dialog.

If the computer running the Software Manager has access to the Internet, just click the Yes button and the activation process will be done automatically.

Software activation completed successfully.

Offline Activation

If the computer running the Software Manager is not connected to the Internet, then the following dialog will be displayed:

Software activation dialog.

Click on the button Create Activation Request. This will generate an activation request file (.request) that contains information from the computer in order to uniquely identify the system. Give to this file any filename, select where you want to save this file and click Save.

The activation can only be done contacting the CIMCO's activation server, so copy the generated .request file to a portable device and proceed to a computer with Internet connection.

Open a web browser and go to the Activation page on the CIMCO web site (

Software Activation web page.

Click in the Choose File button and navigate to the activation request file (.request). Once the file is selected, click the Upload File button.

Upload Activation File.

The server will verify the activation request and will generate an Activation File. If any error occurs during the activation, it will be displayed in the Activation box. If the activation is successful, a link to download the Activation File will be shown.

Download Activation File.

Save the generated Activation File (.activation) and go back to the computer running the License Server which we want to activate. In the software activation dialog, click now in the Use activated request button. Select the Activation File (.activation) and click Open. The software should be now activated and ready to use.

Use activated request file downloaded from the CIMCO web site.

After the activation is completed, you can see information about the activation in the License File Viewer.

Activation information.

The License File can also be activated directly from the License File Viewer. Once the button Activate license file is pressed, the process is the same as described for Online Activation or Offline Activation depending if the computer is connected to the Internet or not.

License activation from the License File Viewer dialog.


If the computer running the License Server needs to be replaced, a new software activation is needed, and the activation needs to be reset before going through the activation process in the new system or the following error will be displayed. Please contact your reseller or CIMCO Support in order to get your activation reset.

License File already activated.

If the OS needs to be re-installed or upgraded, a new software activation may be required. But since the computer hardware is unchanged (same CPU, hard drive, MAC address...) it should not be necessary to contact your reseller or CIMCO Support to reset the activation.