Starting the License Server

Running the new License Server is similar to running the old one (V7 and earlier) except that it's done from the Software Manager.

Open the Software Manager by clicking on the Software Manager icon in the desktop or in the CIMCO V8 program group, and go to the License Server tab.

CIMCO Software Manager Console.

First, select the file that the License Server should host. Do this by clicking on the Choose license file button and navigating to your CIMCO License file. If the license file requires activation, the program will display the options for doing this. See CIMCO Software Activation for further information.

After selecting a license file, the License Server can be started by pressing the Start button. This will install and start the License Server service.

The License Server needs to be allowed through any firewalls that might be installed on the computer. It will by default search the Windows firewall, and if no firewall rules about the License Server exists, it will ask whether or not to add a rule allowing the License Server to pass through the firewall. Advanced users can choose not to let the Software Manager make it's own rules and create the rules themselves, but for most users, using the Software Manager's standard rules is recommended.

Firewall rule prompt.

If no issues occur during the startup of the service, the log should now show the message "License Server started listening for clients", and the small status indicator in the License Server tab should be green. CIMCO Software products on the same network should now be able to locate and use the License Server.

License Server started.

The CIMCO License Server service is installed using the Local System account. If you want to change the login account, you must do it manually using the Windows Management Console / Services Console.

Once the License Server service is running, you can close the Software Manager console. The License Server will keep running in the background.

To check the status of the License Server, just open the Software Manager console again and check the small status indicator in the License Server tab or the log panel.

Green status indicator showing that the License Server is running.