Viewing License Usage on the License Server

The new License Server has a number of new options and features beyond the old License Server's capabilities. Most of these can be accessed using the "License Server Info/Configuration" interface. This window can be accessed through the License Server Browser by clicking the Show Server Info button, from the Software Manager by clicking on the Configure button, or from any client application by going to the Help menu, opening the About window and clicking on the License Details button.

Accessing the License Details through the About window.

This will open the "License Server Info/Configuration" window. Information about the server and license usage will be visible. Here you can see which licenses the License Server's License File contains, as well as how these licenses are distributed between users.

License Server Info/Configuration window.

The license information for each product contains 2 numbers: the number of available licenses, and the total number of licenses allowed. So an entry like CIMCO Edit Professional - 3/4 Licenses should be read that 3 licenses are available out of a total of 4 (which means that 1 license is in use)

For every license in use, the user and computer will be displayed bellow the corresponding product.

User and computer that has taken the license.

Adding Reservations

Currently, it is possible to reserve licenses such that they can only be used by certain user(s). A reserved license will always be in use, but if a client which matches the reservation criteria wants to use the reserved product, the client will be given the reserved license instead of one of the free licenses. This is useful if the customer has a computer which must always be able to launch a specific product, such as MDC Live Screens, MDC report generation or NC-Base Clients.

Click on the Options button to show the License Server options panel. Adding reservations can be done using the Reservation Management area.

Reservation Management on the License Server options panel.

Choose a product and fill in one or more criteria which the user must fulfill in order to use the license to be reserved. The criteria available are: IP Address, MAC Address and FQDN/Hostname. Multiple of each criteria can be stated separated by spaces, and the client will then have to match just one of the entered criteria in each field. If the box Must match all fields is checked, clients must produce a match on each of the non-empty fields. Clicking on a license in use in the overview list will fill in the fields with all known information about this client, which can then be edited to fit the user's need. When the configuration of the reservation has been filled in, click on Add Reservation to add it.

Adding a reservation.

When a reservation is being used, it will be indicated in the overview list as shown below.

Reservation in use.

Reservations can be removed by simply clicking on them in the overview list and then clicking Remove Reservation.

Removing an existing reservation.

Password Protection

The License Server options can be secured by a password. If a server configuration password has been set, reservations cannot be added, edited or deleted without providing the password. This prevents users from overriding activations.

Click on the Options button to show the License Server options panel. A password can be set by clicking on Set server config password in the Server Options area.

Server Options on the License Server options panel.

Setup of a License Server password.

To change the password, click on the Set server config password button again. You will be prompted to confirm the old password and enter a new one.

Change License Server password.

To remove the License Server password, proceed as for changing the password and just leave the new password fields empty.