New CIMCO MDC-Max video

Check out our latest MDC-Max video – Presented by Tim Collett of CIMCO partner, Cambridge Numerical Control. The video gives a great and simple overview of the capabilities of CIMCO MDC-Max.

With CIMCO MDC-Max features, such as:

  • Live Machine Status
    ≡ Including Live Screen real-time display and real-time reports with zoomable details
  • Historical Reports
    ≡ Report generation and manual or fully automated export to Excel
  • Easy Entering of Downtime Reasons
    ≡ Using PC in a cell, tablet PC mounted directly on the machine tool, or CIMCO’s web-based client that runs on tablets, iPhones, Androids, or any other web-based device
  • OEE Reports (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    ≡ Daily OEE, OEE by job, fully automatic data import to your own spreadsheet templates

… you can

  • Increase production
  • Highlight production bottlenecks
  • Automatically calculate OEE