License File & License File Viewer

With Version 8, a new keyfile format for the necessary license file is introduced. Apart from being much more secure, this new keyfile format allows for a number of convenient new features benefitting our customers.

Succeeding the current License Key Manager, the license files will be handled by the new License File Viewer, which will be used to activate, upgrade, and install the CIMCO product licenses.
The License File Viewer displays the same information as the well-known License Key Manager, with some additions. Furthermore, the following actions are available:

Install license file

This will install the license file to be read by CIMCO’s products. From Version 8, the license settings are installed in the Windows Application Data or Program Data folder (so it is available to the user who installed it, or everyone logged onto the computer respectively). This means that reinstalling CIMCO’s products or adding products later will not require the licenses to be reinstalled.

When using license files (Non-floating installation), the user can now choose to have the CIMCO software use the license file from any location including, for example, Windows shared folders. This makes upgrading licenses easiers, since only one file in the shared folder now needs to be upgraded for the upgrade to take effect on all computers using the file. It can also make it easier to manage activated computers.

Activate license file

This will allow the user to activate the license file for the computer on which the License File Viewer is running. If the computer has internet connection, the License File Viewer can contact CIMCO’s servers and activate automatically. Otherwise, an activation request file will be generated which the user can upload to CIMCO’s site from a different computer to acquire an activation file for the offline computer, similar to the old system with activation codes.

Previous to Version 8, activation information for a computer was stored separately from the license file. This is no longer the case. Now, activations are stored in the license file. Where before, the computer was activated to use a given license file, now the license file is updated to work on the computer. A license file can be activated to work on any number of computers, all of which can be viewed in the License File Viewer. This means that backing up a license file will also back up the activations.

Fetch all activations

This will contact CIMCO’s servers and fetch all activation information for the opened license file. This will enable the license file to be used on all computers where the license file has previously been activated.

Update license file

This functionality allows the merging of license files. If two copies of the same license file have been activated on two computers, this option can be used to combine them into one file, which is activated for both computers.
Furthermore, if an order has been upgraded, such as when extending maintenance or purchasing additional products, this functionality can be used to upgrade the old file with the new license, while keeping all activations intact.

Further information on activations

Previously, an activation was valid for a given keyfile. With license files, activations are valid for license chains, meaning that if you upgrade an order, any activations remain valid for the new, upgraded license file.