Dashboards for MDC-Max Web Client released

Dashboards for the MDC-Max Web Client has been released as part of CIMCO Software version 8.02.00.

Dashboards offer several new ways to visualize the state of your shop floor. Create multiple Dashboards to focus on different production facilities, different machine groups, different levels of data complexity or other specific needs you may have.


A Dashboard is made up of visual objects that we call Widgets and each widget is designed to present data in a specific way. Currently the following widgets are supported:

Section header – A way to segment your dashboard
Bar graph
Pie chart
Value list – Table of real-time values
Gauge – A speed-o-meter like widget

Dashboard configuration

Dashboards are evaluated real-time, like the Live Screens, and it is possible to create a Dashboard that shows information for several machines. This can provide a quick cell overview, or even an overview of the entire shop floor. This is enabled by checking the option “One dashboard for selected machines” at the bottom of “Dashboards (Web only) – see Configuration screenshots below”. When using this option, each widget must have one of the following behaviors specified.

Individual – A widget is created for each selected machine.
Average – One widget is created showing the average of each value for the selected machines.
Sum – One widget is created showing the sum of each value for the selected machines.

Some widgets support targets, minimum and maximum values. If writing a constant like “100” in targets and min/max values, the format “Constant” must be used. It is also possible to use MDC expressions that evaluate to a number.

For targets, it is possible to set whether being in the target range is good, bad or expected. This determines what colors are used in the Dashboard.

Good – Widgets will show green color
Bad – Widget will show red color
Expected – Widget will show yellow color

Widgets like the Bar graph, Pie chart and Value list can each have multiple values specified. These are set up the same way as the “Real-time values” in Live Screens.

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Configuration screenshots