New MDC-Max Web Client released

Today the new version of the MDC-Max Web Client has been released as part of CIMCO Software 8.01.00.

The new Web Client is built on cutting edge web technologies and is lightning fast and responsive. When the client is running, a connection is kept open between the server and client which enables the server to continuously push updates without having to refresh. Clients also update automatically when detecting a new version on the server.

The Web Client also comes with a completely redesigned user-interface that adapts to any size of screen – desktop, tablet, mobile and TV. The new design is available in two variants: dark and bright mode, which can easily be toggled directly in the client.

Live Screens now feature a small overview at the top, which provides a quick way to see the status of every machine. This is especially handy on mobile devices in cases where you cannot see all machines at once. The new overview eliminates the need to scroll down the list of machines since users can see at a glance what’s going on.

We also added the ability to zoom the entire Live Screen. Depending on screen size and where a screen is physically located (close by or far away), it is a simple matter of adjusting a slider (in the Options panel) to make the entire Live Screen zoom in or out for optimal readability.

The MDC-Max Web Client has been carefully designed to not only work, but also be useful on mobile devices. We intend to continue this design goal as we move on to add Dashboards, Charts and Reports to the Web Client.