Successful exhibition at China International Industry Fair

Wuxi Lingding Technology Co. Ltd, distributor of CIMCO China in the Hua Dong District, was present at the 19th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) with a grand display of CIMCO products.

The exhibition site was visited by many domestic machine processing customers and MES software companies, but also attracted industry professionals from Asia, Africa and South America, including Chile, Japan, Korea, Jordan and many other countries.

CIMCO Edit, DNC-Max, MDC-Max and MDM along with other CIMCO products were demonstrated. A Siemens 840D Controller was used to simulate the powerful CNC communication features of DNC-Max and the real-time monitoring and data collection capabilities of MDC-Max. The setup received great interest and was perfect for providing a more intuitive demonstration of how the software and hardware work together.

CIIF 2017 was a great success and experience for Wuxi Lingding Technology Co. Ltd. and CIMCO China. We are very grateful to Allan, Ma Jing and Hu Congzi who did a great job explaining and demonstrating the CIMCO software products and we thank all the visitors for their interest and positive feedback.