CIMCO Edit Mill-Turn and 2022 Beta released

We are happy to announce that two new versions of CIMCO Edit have been released for beta testing: CIMCO Edit Mill-Turn and CIMCO Edit 2022.

With these versions we wish to give our users the opportunity to test drive our new Mill-Turn simulation and the next major version of our editor – CIMCO Edit 2022. The Mill-Turn is a temporary version that will eventually be merged with the 2022 version, but for now they are kept separate due to technical reasons.

CIMCO Edit Mill-Turn

Completed program with both milling and turning operations simulated.

The Mill-Turn version is based on CIMCO Edit 8, but with the addition that it can simulate C and Y-axis Mill-Turn moves in both Backplot and Solid Simulation. It also comes with new features such as support for transparent stock.

In the past, milling and turning code had to be simulated separately. However, with the new Mill-Turn version our simulation can handle both milling and turning code within the same NC program including tool changes.

Watch the video below to see Mill-Turn in action. You can also try it out for yourself by downloading the beta version.

CIMCO Edit 2022

CIMCO Edit 2022 is the next major version of our CNC editor. We’ve not only changed the version format, but also packed our new Machine Simulation engine under the hood alongside a brand new Tool Manager, faster NC editing functions, and an updated look and feel.

The new Tool Manager in CIMCO Edit 2022.

We’ve listed some of the new features below and will dig deeper into these in later posts. For now, you are welcome to download and try it out yourself.

New in CIMCO Edit 2022:

  • Updated look and feel with redesigned, scalable, 4K (high-DPI) icons
  • New Tool Manager with tool visualization and many functions
  • Faster editing of NC code
    – Highlights typing and syntax errors (like spell check for NC-code)
    – NC-Assistant now makes suggestions as you type
  • Improved graphics and performance in simulations (powered by new Machine Simulation core)
  • Solid Simulation is now part of the Backplot
    – Detailed simulation of workpiece, tools and removal of material
    – Setup data can now be automated and extracted (scanned) directly from the NC-code
    – Support for 5-axis machining
    – Export your model to STL format
  • New Reverse post system
  • Time-saving integration with CAM systems such as Mastercam and SolidCAM.

CIMCO Edit 2022 Videos

Some of the new simulation icons you’ll see in CIMCO Edit 2022.

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Please contact us if you have questions or want to know more about the new features in Mill-Turn and 2022. Call us at (+45) 4585 6050 or use our email and contact form.