CIMCO Scheduler revisited

A while back we announced our upcoming production scheduling solution, CIMCO Scheduler, and many of you have since asked when it will be made available.

CIMCO Scheduler is still in the final stages of development and we have been running on-site tests at selected customers in Germany for several months. One thing is testing the software in the office, but once it hits the shop floor and is used as an integral part of a production environment, that’s when it’s really put to the test. That’s when it has to deliver – every time.

While we are still working to iron out bugs and give the UI a face lift, we believe CIMCO Scheduler looks very promising and will eventually become a strong product in the CIMCO Software Suite. We are not setting an exact release date, but currently we are looking at weeks and not months.

Image above: Design showing what we are working towards in terms of the user experience.

What is CIMCO Scheduler?

With real-time order tracking and execution, CIMCO Scheduler is a powerful tool for the planner responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the production process. CIMCO Scheduler is an advanced, yet easy to use production scheduling solution driven by data from the shop floor, provided på machine operators through a dedicated mobile interface.

The scheduling application itself provides a central digital planning board where production orders can be planned out, organized and tracked in a timeline-based environment. Time-saving features are included such as automatic rescheduling of orders, order dependencies, import/export of order data and more.

For complete monitoring of orders, order data can be visualized and aggregated in Dashboards, with performance KPIs as needed, and as digital signage using CIMCO’s Live Screens and Shop Floor Screens. CIMCO Scheduler also builds on CIMCO’s foundation of software components and can be easily scaled in different areas such as adding machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection capabilities if later required.

Image above: CIMCO Scheduler system overview

Key features in CIMCO Scheduler

  • Overview and plan orders visually on a timeline
  • Manage workorders and operations in a single application
  • Drag-and-drop orders to reschedule
  • Setup order and operation dependencies
  • Allows for automatic scheduling of orders
  • Setup individual shifts for each machine
  • Integrate data from existing ERP system
  • Includes secure User/Group management system
  • Control order status and downtime reasons with Operator Screen
  • Display key order data on Dashboard, Live Screen and Shop Floor Screen
  • Generate analytics and reports based on order data
  • Supports national holidays

More information

CIMCO Scheduler product page
CIMCO Scheduler User Guide

* Shop Floor Screen is an optional feature