Downloading Machines in CIMCO Edit 2022

In the video below we look at the Machine Simulation add-on for CIMCO Edit 2022 and how you can simply download preconfigured machines directly from within the editor.

Machine Simulation enables you to prove-out your NC code on a 3D model of your CNC machine and see the exact movement of components such as heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, workpieces, and stock. Collisions and out of limit moves are automatically detected to ensure that error-free code is sent to the physical machine.

Machine Simulation includes many predefined machines which are available to download. If your specific machine is not available, you can configure your own machine using the Machine Configuration Editor. On our Machine Simulation page you can find more videos and information about the Machine Configuration Editor.

More information

Machine Simulation product page
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Please contact us to learn more about CIMCO Edit 2022 and the CIMCO Machine Simulation add-on.