Navigation in CIMCO Edit 2022

In this first video in our new Feature Highlights series, we take a look at Navigation in CIMCO Edit 2022. In coming videos, we will focus on many of the new and improved features that can be found in both CIMCO Edit 2022 and the Machine Simulation add-on.


Navigation is a new feature in CIMCO Edit 2022, which provides an overview of the contents within an NC file. The overview is automatically generated by scanning the NC code for specified keywords and presenting this as a nested structure that can be expanded or collapsed as needed.

By selecting a keyword in the navigation list it will automatically jump to the corresponding keyword in the NC file. This makes it quick and simple to locate opposing positions within both the NC file and Navigation pane using keywords

Navigation can be used within both the Backplot and the Machine Simulation Add-on. Watch the video below for more information.

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